Thursday, February 11, 2010

STEAM VIII - Trumble Missionary Update -- Imminent Departure

Today, Sunday, is our last full day in the United States for a while. Tomorrow we drive from Oskaloosa, Iowa (where we’ve been staying with Beth’s parents) to Minneapolis where we will board our flight to leave the country.

This morning during the service at Beth’s old home church (and the church where her parents and her 4 brothers are members), we had a few minutes to share about the ministry of the African Bible College and that went pretty well.

We left Colorado on December 23 and have had a nice time in Iowa. Stephen (our 8-year-old) and I took a trip to South Dakota where I visited my Aunt Dorothy and four of my cousins. We also spent one night with my friend Blair Andrews in Omaha. It’s cold in South Dakota. The last night of the trip we spent in Sioux Falls. The morning that we left the internet said the temperature was 28° below zero. We will soon be experiencing temperatures 110° (Fahrenheit) warmer.

It would be nice to have a few more days to wrap things up before we depart but that’s kind of the way it goes. We will leave Monday morning to drive to Minneapolis and we will fly from there to Amsterdam where we will have a long layover on Tuesday. We will hopefully leave the airport and see a bit of Holland. From Amsterdam we fly through the night to Nairobi, Kenya and after a short layover in Nairobi, we fly on to Lilongwe (perhaps with a short stop in Lusaka, Zambia on the way).

In the Christmas Day update I sent out, I said the following:

We will finally have some down time over the next couple of weeks and I will be sending out some more details related to our Washington D.C. trip and the packing/shipping adventure. These will be sent under the TOAST heading rather than the STEAM heading under which this message is being sent. (TOAST = The Outstanding Adventures of Six Trumbles ).

As it turns out, there wasn’t as much “free” time as I might have hoped and I still have not sent any TOAST messages on this trip. One may still go out today or tomorrow but that may be it for a while.

Thanks for your prayers for our family! Please pray for travel safety, our adjustment to life in Malawi, and our general sanity throughout the process!



For the Trumble family

Beth’s 40th birthday was Monday (January 4). The night before her birthday she spent some time with some old high school friends (Beth, Julie, Gwenda, Kathy). On Beth’s birthday, we visited some of Beth’s aunts. Pictured are Aunt Marilyn, Aunt Bernice, Mom Boender, Aunt Dorothy, Aunt Kathy, and Beth.

The first picture below is Stephen and Dan at a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The second picture is from Orange City, Iowa later the same morning that it had been -28° in South Dakota.

First picture: Pastor Dale Visser and Dan. Pastor Visser is the pastor of Beth’s home church in Iowa where we shared this morning. Since this picture was taken last Sunday I have shaved and so we don’t look as similar anymore. The second picture shows me with the boys (with some snow) on Friday.
The approximate route of our travel to Africa (if it goes as planned)

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