Sunday, July 3, 2011

Greetings from Malawi!

The commercialism surrounding Christmas in the United States has not fully made its way to Malawi. This is a good thing. Additionally, we’re in no danger at all of having a white Christmas…it wasn’t as hot today as it is sometimes but it did get above 80° F.

We do have our Christmas stockings up (my folks sent them to us) and the fake tree that I’ve been using since the 1970s. One (or both) of our cats managed to break our Denver Broncos’ ornament and we haven’t yet put up either of our bowling Santa ornaments (the classic one from the 1970s with the gold bowling ball nor the newer one with the black bowling ball). Of course these are unimportant in the scheme of things but are kind of fun from a sentimental standpoint.

Beth and the kids had their last day of school before the break on Friday and the College students finish finals for the semester on Thursday. The break is nice but this will certainly be a Christmas unlike any we have experienced before. However, we can take comfort in the fact that our God and Savior, who took human form and was born and placed in a manger some 2000+ years ago, and who the holiday is supposed to be about, has not changed nor will He ever change…He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Please don’t forget us if you are sending out a Christmas letter this year. An electronic copy would be fine but if you want to mail a copy to us at my folks’ house, it will get to us eventually. You can mail stuff to us at

Dan & Beth Trumble
5930 Castlewood Ln
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Some of you should soon be receiving a Christmas letter from ABC but some of you are probably not on the ABC mailing list and thus won’t get it through the mail. However, you can also access it electronically by following this link Please take some time to read it and find out about what God has been doing through ABC and some of its graduates. As you support us, you are also a part of this ministry! Please keep our family and ABC in your prayers.


Page 1 of the ABC mailing mentioned above
Here is a recent picture of the “professional” (as opposed to laborers and grounds workers and the like) staff of ABC Malawi (professors, teachers, medical personnel, admin sorts, etc.). From left to right are ABC Christian Academy Staff, African Bible College staff, and ABC Community Clinic staff. Beth and Dan are indicated with green arrows. Photo by Matt Floreen.

Christmas Stockings at Dan’s folks’ house from a prior year (6 of these are now hanging in our house in Malawi)

A-Newer Bowling Santa

B-Classic 1970s Gold Bowling Ball Santa

C-Broncos ornament (now busted, somewhat like the current Broncos’ season)