Thursday, February 11, 2010

STEAM IX.1 - Trumble Missionary Updates - We're on our Way!

( This update is in the wrong place, but I can't figure out how to place in the right place. So this is just the way it will be. )

Just a quick update:

We are in the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport and we have checked our bags, received our boarding passes, and cleared security with hardly a problem!

Our flight to Amsterdam is scheduled to depart at 7:45 PM tonight. We have a long layover in Amsterdam and then we travel on to Nairobi and then a quick stop (we don't even get off the plane) in Lusaka, Zambia and then on to Lilongwe, Malawi, our new home. We are scheduled to arrive a little after noon on Sunday, 24 January in Lilongwe.

The check-in process went nice and smooth (unlike last time).

Praise the Lord, we are on our way! Thanks for all of your prayers. Please keep praying!


Dan (for the Trumbles)

In Albert Lea, MN, a little north of the Iowa/Minnesota border, is a restaurant with a very good name.

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