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STEAM VII -- Merry Christmas from the Trumble Family! 25 Dec 2009

In John 1:45 Philip finds Nathanial and says to him, “We have found him, of whom Moses in the law, and the prophets, did write, Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph.” This is the very Jesus whose birth we celebrate on Christmas day: The promised Messiah!

Merry Christmas to each of you on this cold (at least it’s cold in Iowa!) Christmas day! Let us remember that God gave us the greatest gift ever when Jesus came to Earth as a human. Let us also remember that Jesus was born so that He could ultimately die (and be raised to life and thus conquering death), providing a way for us to be saved!

Trumble news:

We have had a busy few weeks. In late November, just before Thanksgiving, we drove to Iowa where we spent Thanksgiving with some of Beth’s family and then we drove out to the Washington, D.C. area with a stop in Pittsburgh along the way. We attended a wedding for Dan’s niece and returned to Colorado on Tuesday, the 8th of December. We moved most of our household goods to a warehouse on Saturday, December 12, and then on the morning of December 14 we loaded the container and shipped it off. We had a lot of wonderful help from friends and family and survived the ordeal. We celebrated Christmas in Colorado on Saturday the 19th. On the 20th Will and Elizabeth played piano in church and both Beth and Elizabeth sang. On Wednesday, December 23, we departed Colorado to head toward Iowa and we arrived yesterday, Christmas Eve where the Iowa family Christmas get-together was already underway.

This morning in church, all of Beth’s immediately family were together. Counting Beth’s folks, her siblings, and all of their families, there were 43 family members (including two unborn babies) in church this morning (if my count is correct). There were a few missing but that represents a large portion of this part of her family (she had oodles of first cousins and other relatives).

We will finally have some down time over the next couple of weeks and I will be sending out some more details related to our Washington D.C. trip and the packing/shipping adventure. These will be sent under the TOAST heading rather than the STEAM heading under which this message is being sent. (TOAST = The Outstanding Adventures of Six Trumbles ).

In less than 3 weeks, on January 11, our flight departs from Minneapolis and we will be on our way to Malawi, Africa!

Last Sunday, December 20, was our last Sunday in Colorado before the move to Africa. Some of our family participated in the service and you can hear and see some of that by following the below links:

Elizabeth singing O Little Town of Bethlehem:

Will playing Angels We Have Heard on High:

Elizabeth & Beth playing We Three Kings:

Please respond to this message with any questions you may have about any of this stuff. It’s fun to hear from people.

Prayer Items:


· Successful packing and shipping process and that the container is on its way!

· For the great help of friends and family (especially Merle & Marty) in the shipping process

· For Dan’s folks who hosted us in their home after we shipped moved most of our household goods out of our house.

· For safe travel, even in wintery driving conditions, to Iowa

· For Beth’s folks who will be hosting us during most of our last 2.5 weeks in the States before we move

· For God’s faithful provision


· For some rest and good fellowship with family during these last days before we depart.

· Financial Support - Our ongoing committed support (that has been communicated to us) puts us between 50-60% of our full support level. We know God is faithful and will meet our needs but some additional financial partners in this endeavor would be very welcome.

· Container - That our container which contains most of our worldly possessions would travel safely and speedily to Malawi. The estimate that was given by the organization we’re working through said the estimated time of arrival for the container is February 28, more than 6 weeks after we are scheduled to arrive in Malawi.

· House - That our property manager would find good renters for our house soon.

· Dan’s Malawi employment permit – That it would be approved without any problems.

· Health – pray that God would keep us healthy as we work through the process of getting to Malawi.

Thank you for joining us in this ministry through your prayer and financial support!

Dan for the Trumble family



phone: 719-238-3995 (for a short time longer while we’re still in the States)

On Sunday the 13th of December, our church commissioned us as missionaries being sent by the church. Here is a picture of our family during the commissioning service.

Loading the container to ship stuff to Malawi.

My last day of employment at Compassion was December 11 and my colleagues threw a very nice going away party for us. Pictured here are Beth and me with most of the folks from the Finance division at Compassion

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