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STEAM XVIII - Trumble Missionary Update - 3 July 2010


Our family has now been in Malawi for over 5 months and we are thinking that we will stay in Malawi for quite a few more years. Both Beth and I have places here where our gifts are a good fit and where we can be used by God to fulfill his purposes for the African Bible College. Right now our plans, as God wills and enables, is that we would try to make a trip to the United States about one year from now. We would come home for about 6-8 weeks and spend some time with family and friends in Colorado and Iowa. We would return to Malawi in August 2011 and plan to serve in Malawi for two additional school years (the 2011-12 and 2012-13 academic years) after which we would come back to the States for a furlough year before returning to Malawi in time for the 2014-15 school year).

Of course the expense to travel with a family of 6 across the world is substantial and it would be very wonderful if someone would like to contribute frequent flier miles toward getting us home. We have enough miles to hopefully cover the tickets for some of us (although most of our miles are American Airlines miles and there are currently no AA partner airlines that fly into Malawi so we might end up driving to Zambia to catch our flight…we shall see). There are partner airlines of Delta/KLM and United that service Malawi so if you have miles with one of those, we’re still interested in talking J!

Also, why not plan on coming to visit us here in Malawi sometime? How many opportunities do you have to visit friends in Africa? If you think you might be interested, let us know!

Steve & Marion Spencer are long-time missionaries with ABC (Marion’s folks are the founders of ABC). They have recently left to go back to the States on furlough. Steve is interested in elk hunting in Colorado. If anyone can offer and advice or if you might be willing to take Steve (and perhaps a son or two) hunting this fall, let me know and I can put you in contact with Steve.

We have recently acquired 5 cats…a mom and 4 kittens. For a little while they were being kept inside the house but they were a mess and they now don’t live inside the house anymore. We’re also watching Nacho, a small dog, while Nacho’s owners are in the United States this summer. They will be back in August but for now we’ve got an indoor dog and 5 outdoor cats. Elizabeth has written quite a bit about the cats on her blog and I urge you to check it out. She is not a strong speller but she’s a fun writer with a fun perspective.

Please keep the African Bible College students in your prayers as they gather school fees for the upcoming semester. The fees for room, board and tuition are only about $700-$800 per semester but in a country where many people make only $1-$3 per day, this is a substantial challenge for many students and their families.

Keep Praying!


Dan (for all of the Trumbles)

On July 3, at the residence of the U.S. ambassador to Malawi, there was an American Independence Day celebration for American citizens. Here is our family. More pictures from the party:

First Picture: Elizabeth with Anny Jo, her kitten. More cat pictures:
Second Picture: Nacho (the dog we’re watching) with my office building in the background.

The Trumble Family on Father’s Day. More Father’s Day photos:

Dan watching some World Cup Soccer at the Student Center.

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