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STEAM XIV - Happy Easter! 4 April 2010

“Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; He has risen!” (from Luke 24)

Happy Easter from the Trumble Family! Jesus is risen indeed! Today, Easter Sunday, marks 10 weeks since our family arrived in Malawi at our new home on the campus of The African Bible College. Without the resurrection of Christ the African Bible College’s chief aim would be moot.

The chief aim of African Bible College is to train Godly men and women for Christian leadership and service. The curriculum is designed to prepare the college’s graduates for Christian vocation. The degree is designed to be either terminal or preparatory for further education. Students are being trained for Christian leadership; consequently, the college desires students who are committed to God’s guidance and dedicated to the Lord’s service.

Praise God for His perfect plan of salvation and for rescuing those who He has called to belief in Jesus, the only means by which we can be saved from the punishment we all deserve for our sins!

ABC has a Christian radio station which broadcasts to the local community and in addition to Christian music and Christian teaching, people have the opportunity to take classes by radio. To get a sense for what some of the content is like, follow this link: About a week and a half ago a man named Mr. Waya Kamsepa came by the campus. He was hoping to meet with Jack Chinchen, one of the founders of ABC, but Dr. Chinchen was not available so I met with him. He wanted a Bible so that he could follow along with the radio broadcasts. He also expressed a desire for a diary (something to write in). I didn’t know exactly what to do but how can you turn down a request like that where someone is looking to get their hands on the Word of God? I told him to come back the following week and on Thursday he did, indeed, come back. I had not done a good job of finalizing the process of getting my hands on a Bible for him but he waited while we found one in the book storage room for him. I talked to Beth and she had a little book with pages in it and only a few had been used so she ripped those out and I was able to give him the Bible and the little book. I prayed for him before he left. Please be in prayer for Mr. Kamsepa.

Beth and the kids are on a two-week Easter break from school and in Malawi Good Friday and Easter Monday are national holidays so I get a bit of a break from work in the Admin office as well. Last week was the first week of the break and we went with some friends to the Lujeri Tea Estate for an extended weekend. This is located in a huge tea growing area and is very beautiful. There are two houses at the tea estate which are available to be used for overnight stays and our group used those two houses. The tea estate is near Mt. Mulanje and it was fun to spend some time near a mountain after living most of my life near the mountains of Colorado. We went on a very pretty hike a ways up the mountain. We live in a world tainted by sin but there are still some very beautiful creation out there.

For pictures of the tea area and the place where we stayed, follow this link:

For pictures of our hike and Mt. Mulanje, follow this link:

Prayer Items


o For Christ’s ultimate sacrifice of His life and for his triumph over death

o For the men & women studying at the African Bible College.

o For God’s creation and the opportunity to enjoy it.


o For Beth as she takes over one of the 2nd grade classes full time upon return from the Easter Break

o For the kids at the Christian Academy and the students at the college as they enter the home stretch on the school year after they return from the Easter break.

o Pray especially for the college students as many still have fees which are due next week. Some are at risk of not being allowed to finish the semester if they cannot make adequate progress on paying their fees. The amounts still outstanding are modest by U.S. standards (often less than $500) but are a significant challenge for some of these students who come from very modest backgrounds.

o Pray that Mr. Kamsepa (the man who came to get the Bible) would be blessed as he studies God’s Word and that God would use him to bless those around him.

Thanks for your prayers and support!


Dan (for the whole Trumble family)

Trumbles after the hike. Dan did much (MUCH) perspiring on the hike.

There were snails at Lujeri Lodge. Here are the Trumble boys and Shea Dehnert and a bunch of snails.

Mt. Mulanje in the background, tea in the foreground.

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