Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hello, friends.

We haven't done a very good job at updating this blog. Dan always seems to be much better at writing and posting than I am, but I will give you all a little info about what is going on.

We continue to get closer and closer to the time for big decisions. We are hoping to be able to ship our container of household items by the beginning of November. Dan has been emailing with 'Missionary Expeditors' (or some similar name) to get all of that worked out. I have been trying to pack a few boxes here and there, like our books and other things that are not needed everyday. Not sure what we will be sleeping on once our beds are gone. Maybe we should just set up our tent in the house. :)

Another big issue for us is where our two dogs will end up. We are not taking them to Africa, so we need to find the family that God has planned for them. I was thinking early on that having them in Iowa with some of my family would be ideal, but now I think anywhere they can be loved and cared for is good enough for me. If you know anyone looking for a couple dogs let us know. They are both between a large and medium size for dogs. One is more relaxed and the other is more hyper.

Dan has also been working with someone to get our airline tickets. We don't have a definite date for departure yet.

On December 5 we have a niece getting married in Washington D.C., and we would like to be out there for that. I think we will be going to Iowa to see my family over Thanksgiving and then continue to drive east for the wedding. Hopefully we can visit with friends and family along the way.

Thank you, everyone, for praying for us. God is always good, and His plan is always perfect.


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