Friday, September 18, 2009

A note from Beth

God is so good.

I have been thinking about writing something on here to share some of my thoughts since Dan usually does the talking...or writing, in this case. So here I am. Writing. Trying to figure out what to say first.

We received our second group of commitment cards that the ABC office sends to us. These are the response cards that folks fill out and send in to the office in Mississippi to let us know how they would like to be involved in our missionary endeavor. I will say it again...God is so good. It is encouraging to see friends and family and coworkers wanting to be a part of our team. Lots of folks share with us financially, but some also share their prayers. We are currently at 30% of our total goal for regular support commitments.

The time for us to leave seems to be coming so quickly. My emotions fluctuate with whatever I decide to dwell on. For instance, thinking about all that needs to be accomplished (getting rid of junk, boxing things up, figuring out what and when to send things on a container, keeping track of important information, getting passports for two kids, etc.) can bring a heaviness to the heart. But thinking about the kids in Malawi that could use encouragement or the experiences that our kids will have with a new culture bring an excitement to be over there doing what God wants us to do.

I am so glad that God takes care of us and whatever happens, happens under His control. He never leaves me. He is always here to help me and to teach me the lessons He wants me to learn. Thank you to all of you who are praying for our family. God hears and answers!

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