Monday, June 29, 2009

Introduction to the Trumble Family

Greetings. The Trumble Family is made up of parents Dan & Beth Trumble and 4 children. Jim, Elizabeth, Will, and Stephen. Jim was born in October 1996 and the other 3 followed in less than 5 years.

Dan grew up in Colorado Springs, CO USA. Beth grew up on a farm in Southeast Iowa. Dan & Beth married in August 1994.

Before kids being born Beth was an elementary school teacher. Dan has worked since August 1993 at Compassion International, most of this time in the Accounting/Finance area. He has had the opportunity to travel to 20 of Compassion's foreign countries. 3 times over the years Dan & Beth have pursued job opportunities with Compassion in Africa but it was never God's time. In 2009 He opened the door for the family to serve at the ministry of African Bible College in Malawi, Africa.

The hope is to move to Malawi in Janaury 2010. this is a situation where we have to raise our own support so the move is dependant on God providing the resources.

Please contact us at if you are interested in being on our email update list or if you are interested in supporting us financially.

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